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Undead Rampage Icon
3 Stars Icon
Undead Rampage
Plays like Boxhead as you shoot waves of hungry zombies.
Mother Judgement Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mother Judgement
Play as a nun and shoot zombies crawling out of the earth before they gobble you.
Invasion of the Zombie Rogue Traders Icon
3 Stars Icon
Invasion of the Zombie Rogue Traders
Shoot the hordes of rogue zombie builders, plumbers and electricians invading your home.
Im the Man Icon
3 Stars Icon
Im the Man
Shoot at hungry zombies on the run before they catch and eat you.
Fly Zombie Fly Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fly Zombie Fly
Launch the zombie hanging from the gibbet and make him fly farther.
Child of a Witch Icon
3 Stars Icon
Child of a Witch
Discover the secrets of the old witch by finding the differences in two images side by side.
Poltergifts Icon
3 Stars Icon
Beware the Christmas gifts loaded with evil spirits! Set traps and use weapons to defend yourself.
Paranormal Shark Activity Icon
3 Stars Icon
Paranormal Shark Activity
Jump across floating platforms to escape from the monster shark.
Found Lost Icon
3 Stars Icon
Found Lost
Explore an old house in the dark using your flashlight to find help.
Zombie Waster Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Waster
Move into the correct line and shoot the approaching zombies.
Hostel Part 2: The Killing Floor Icon
3 Stars Icon
Hostel Part 2: The Killing Floor
Kill the guards and elite hunters and save the victims before they are slaughtered. Then find a way out!
Devils Ride Icon
3 Stars Icon
Devils Ride
Race on a motorcycle as a skeleton collecting flaming skulls without crashing.
Assassin Sigma Icon
3 Stars Icon
Assassin Sigma
Battle monsters while jumping across platforms to reach the boss.
Soul Reedemer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soul Reedemer
Let underworld demons feel your warrior wrath and redeem souls.
Doom Patrol Icon
3 Stars Icon
Doom Patrol
Search through creepy rooms and shoot any aliens
Werewolf Rider Icon
3 Stars Icon
Werewolf Rider
Race a dirt bike or ATV as a werewolf over hills and collect zombie skulls.
Night of the Cursed Icon
3 Stars Icon
Night of the Cursed
Fight back to back with Ella against waves of zombies and earn points for kills.
Zombie Splatter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Splatter
Shoot and splatter more zombie brains to earn a higher rank.
Space Defenders Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Defenders
Play space invaders in reverse as you shoot down people from above as an alien.
House of Lost Souls Icon
3 Stars Icon
House of Lost Souls
Investigate a hunted house, collect souls and avoid the ghosts as Super Mario.
Mad or Dead Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mad or Dead
Battle and shoot mutant creatures like a mad man or end up dead.
Zombie Korps Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Korps
Shoot fast walking zombies roaming the area and protect survivors.
Zombie Face Ripper Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Face Ripper
Shoot the slow walking zombies with bad intentions before they rip into you.
Impale Icon
3 Stars Icon
Launch zombies from a cannon and impale them on light switches to turn off the lights.
Monster Chamber Icon
3 Stars Icon
Monster Chamber
A Doom-like first person shooter where you navigate around chambers and shoot monsters.
Zombie Safari Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Safari
Shoot at jungle zombies from the back of your safari truck.
Viral Outbreak Icon
3 Stars Icon
Viral Outbreak
Exterminate waves of stickmen zombies using a knife, pistol and more deadly weapons.
Zombie Task Force Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Task Force
If you enjoy Lemmings, you will enjoy guiding dumb zombies to brains and the transporter
Zombie Physics Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Physics
Use physics and move blocks around to detonate bombs and blow up the zombies.
Reincarnation A Taste of Evil Icon
3 Stars Icon
Reincarnation A Taste of Evil
Help the purple demon spot and send each reincarny back to hell by creating evil and levitating things.
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