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Infectonator Icon
3 Stars Icon
Help spread a virus to nearby people and transform them into zombies and then destroy them.
Zomgies Icon
3 Stars Icon
You can run but you can't hide from all these attacking zombies. Get ready to rumble and shoot to kill.
Dawn of the Celebs Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dawn of the Celebs
Here's your chance to shoot and eliminate some of your favorite celebrities that have morphed into attacking zombies.
The Night of Killing Pumpkins Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Night of Killing Pumpkins
Destroy the invading monsters before they get you! The bigger they are, the harder they squash!
Paris Scary Game Icon
3 Stars Icon
Paris Scary Game
Help Paris survive the diabolical Pigsaw's puzzles and deal with evil villains.
Infectonator Christmas Icon
3 Stars Icon
Infectonator Christmas
Spread some Christmas cheer and a zombie virus that infects others.
Potion Panic 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Potion Panic 2
Launch some home-brewed potions at the walking creeps from your cannon
Death Penalty Icon
3 Stars Icon
Death Penalty
Play soccer, score points and kick in some zombie noggins.
Zombie Riot Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Riot
Advance through a zombie infested city and shoot the attacking zombie dogs and people before they eat you.
Hellvolution Icon
3 Stars Icon
The zombies from 13 days in Hell have come back. Load up on ammo and get to shooting!
Back 2 Back Icon
3 Stars Icon
Back 2 Back
Shoot and destroy the aliens inhabiting this planet that you have crashed landed into.
Dying Hope Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dying Hope
Shoot up Santa zombies in the dark using your flashlight and make it a bloody Christmas.
DayTraders of the Dead Icon
3 Stars Icon
DayTraders of the Dead
Shoot down the waves of zombies to save your life and earn some cash!
Haunted House Massacre Icon
3 Stars Icon
Haunted House Massacre
You run out of gas and now must go exploring an old haunted house for help.
Icescape 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Icescape 3
You were shot down and have crash landed. Now must confront aliens soldiers and alert others that aliens are present!
Balloon in a Wasteland Icon
3 Stars Icon
Balloon in a Wasteland
You have crash landed your balloon in a dark, strange land, Now you must shoot the evil creatures to survive.
Foreign Creature 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Foreign Creature 2
Play the role of a blood-thirsty alien sent to planet Earth to grow stronger and breed an evil army to take back home, in this point and click adventure
Abduction Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fly around in the flaying saucer collecting humans and farm animals in your abductor beam.
SAS Zombie Assault 2: Insane Asylum Icon
3 Stars Icon
SAS Zombie Assault 2: Insane Asylum
Play the sequel to SAS: Zombie Assault 2. Knock off more zombies and upgrade your weapons.
Creepy Doll Icon
3 Stars Icon
Creepy Doll
Now only is this doll crazy, but it talks back. The more you talk the more she has to say and the more presents you get for her the more abusive she becomes.
Tankmen Zombie Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tankmen Zombie Attack
Shoot to kill the attacking zombies from your high tower position.
Atom Heart Icon
3 Stars Icon
Atom Heart
Drive over zombies and obstacles on your motorbike for fun.
WakeUpDead Icon
3 Stars Icon
Use a scoped rifle to shoot the approaching zombies or be eaten alive.
26 Ways to Die Icon
3 Stars Icon
26 Ways to Die
There are many ways to die and this video portrays twenty-six of them.
Ask the Spirts II Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ask the Spirts II
Ask the spirits your questions and they shall answer, but play nice or else.
Inner Zombie Icon
3 Stars Icon
Inner Zombie
Shoot and eliminate the Zombie Virus cells before they harm your red blood cells and transform you.
Synapsis Icon
3 Stars Icon
Enjoy finding and using clues in this mysterious and mind bending game.
Reverse Jingle Bells Icon
3 Stars Icon
Reverse Jingle Bells
Listen to this jingle bells tune in reverse and you will be scared.
Darkness Espisode 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Darkness Espisode 2
A draft has blown your candle out and you are left in darkness again. What is that red light?
Quietus Icon
3 Stars Icon
Play as a dead man advancing through platforms in the fiery pits of hell.
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