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Play our Monster Games
Alien SOS Icon
3 Stars Icon
Alien SOS
Guide the alien to exit portals by shooting blocks and avoiding living creatures.
Assassin Sigma Icon
3 Stars Icon
Assassin Sigma
Battle monsters while jumping across platforms to reach the boss.
Attack of the Killer Dolls Icon
3 Stars Icon
Attack of the Killer Dolls
Save yourself from the Attack Of The Killer Dolls. They have knives and will kill you in one chop. Locate them from the radar, and shoot them before they come too close. Beware of the Girl doll, she comes so fast.
Back 2 Back Icon
3 Stars Icon
Back 2 Back
Shoot and destroy the aliens inhabiting this planet that you have crashed landed into.
Balloon in a Wasteland Icon
3 Stars Icon
Balloon in a Wasteland
You have crash landed your balloon in a dark, strange land, Now you must shoot the evil creatures to survive.
Battle for Darkness Icon
3 Stars Icon
Battle for Darkness
March you evil army deep into enemy territory and slay enemy soldiers.
Boo Icon
3 Stars Icon
A fun twist to the classic Simon game. Try to click on each scary monster in the right order.
Candy Monsters Icon
3 Stars Icon
Candy Monsters
Drop candy and bounce it off objects into the mouths of monsters.
Castle of Terror Icon
3 Stars Icon
Castle of Terror
Help Professor Van Helsing avoid obstacles and destroy zombies, skeletons and vampires.
Cursed Dungeon Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cursed Dungeon
Find a cure inside a dungeon, inhabited by dangerous monsters which you must fight and slay.
Dead Rider Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dead Rider
Drive a motorbike as a skeleton over a dynamite filled track.
Desolation Icon
3 Stars Icon
In this point n click game, you play as a Pest Exterminator. You have been sent to clean up a building, when you are in it, you realize something is not right at all. You'll have at your disposal over 10 well designed and different weapons.
Devilish Racer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Devilish Racer
Race the motorbike from hell over obstacles in the shortest time possible.
Doom Triple Pack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Doom Triple Pack
Play online flash versions of the shooting classics Doom, Hexen and Heretic.
Dragon Tower Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dragon Tower
Fight against demon enemies with your sword in the dragon tower.
Eternal Red Icon
3 Stars Icon
Eternal Red
Stop the waves of shadow creeps from moving between portals. Build sentry guns, set floor traps, and arm yourself strategically to survive 70 waves of enemies.
Horror House Dress Up Icon
3 Stars Icon
Horror House Dress Up
Drag objects onto the popular monsters like Frankenstein and create a scary monster animation.
Infinite Monsters Icon
3 Stars Icon
Infinite Monsters
Shoot all monsters and destroy the evil, purple box.
It's a Monster Icon
3 Stars Icon
It's a Monster
Pick up kids and objects and throw them at enemies.
Khazyle  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot undead skeletons with a bow, use magic spells or slice them up with a sword.
Kius Icon
3 Stars Icon
A doom-like shooter with special physics play. Kill minions and demons with your pistol, magic and grenades.
Mad Skeletons Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mad Skeletons
Swat the skeletons with a baseball bat into coffins as the Frankenstein Monster.
Midnight Massacre Icon
3 Stars Icon
Midnight Massacre
The creatures of the night come alive in Midnight Massacre. Shoot your way through 3 levels of blood-curdling monsters and save the hostages.
Monster Chamber Icon
3 Stars Icon
Monster Chamber
A Doom-like first person shooter where you navigate around chambers and shoot monsters.
Monster Invade Icon
3 Stars Icon
Monster Invade
The objective is to stay alive inside the arena and slaughter all monsters on the screen. The monsters appear to be zombie like.
Monster Massacre Icon
3 Stars Icon
Monster Massacre
Slay monsters with your bow and arrows before they attack you.
Neverending Light Icon
3 Stars Icon
Neverending Light
A guided tour in underground caverns goes horribly wrong when the lights go out and monsters eat everyone!
Night Terror Icon
3 Stars Icon
Night Terror
Run in the dark with a flashlight and escape from the monster chasing you.
Paranormal Shark Activity Icon
3 Stars Icon
Paranormal Shark Activity
Jump across floating platforms to escape from the monster shark.
Potion Panic 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Potion Panic 2
Launch some home-brewed potions at the walking creeps from your cannon
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