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Search Results for zombie
Zombies TNT Arsenal Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombies TNT Arsenal
Plant explosives, create reactions and use physics to blow up all the zombies standing on platforms.
Death Penalty Hat Trick Icon
3 Stars Icon
Death Penalty Hat Trick
Don't mess your pants. Kick a soccer ball into the goal against zombie defenders.
Zombie Hero Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Hero
Defend your side of the street against the zombies using a baseball bat or gun.
Zombie Impaler Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Impaler
Shoot all the zombies on each level with a bow and arrows.
Earn to Die Part 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Earn to Die Part 2
Drive a firetruck over obstacles and zombies before you run out of gas.
Santa vs Elf Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Santa vs Elf Zombies
Help Santa Claus shoot down the elf zombies on each platform using a bazooka.
Final Siege Icon
3 Stars Icon
Final Siege
Defend the city against zombies by positioning turrets, guards and machine gun towers along the road.
Zombie Takedown Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Takedown
Shoot down the approaching zombies before they attack you.
Dead Zed 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dead Zed 2
Shoot the walking zombies before they invade your space.
Hugo with AK-47 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Hugo with AK-47
Shoot down the realistic zombies that run towards you with an AK-47.
Kingdom of Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kingdom of Zombies
Guide an army of knights against groups of zombies.
Zombies Brazen Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombies Brazen
Glide on a surf board powered by a parachute and avoid all the zombies.
Atomic Zombie Motocross Icon
3 Stars Icon
Atomic Zombie Motocross
Drive a motorbike as a zombie over obstacles as fast as possible.
Castle of Terror Icon
3 Stars Icon
Castle of Terror
Help Professor Van Helsing avoid obstacles and destroy zombies, skeletons and vampires.
Bazooki Pocalypse Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bazooki Pocalypse
Shoot a bazooka at the zombies and eliminate them.
Zombie Pickup Survival Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Pickup Survival
Drive a car to the stranded cars and pick up the people before zombies atta
Quantum Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Quantum Zombies
Slay all the zombies from the future.
Mickey and Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mickey and Zombies
Cross the platforms as mickey mouse, shoot bats and avoid the zombies.
Dont Escape 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dont Escape 2
Instead of breaking out, you must secure the room before zombies reach you.
Dark Dayz Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dark Dayz
Blast away at zombies in this top-down shooter.
ZomBugs Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot down the zombie bugs before they reach and bite you.
Zombie Demolisher 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Demolisher 2
Drop wrecking balls into a structure loaded with zombies and explosives.
Earn 2 Die 2 Exodus Icon
3 Stars Icon
Earn 2 Die 2 Exodus
Drive an armed buggy through zombie infested streets.
Zombie Taxi Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Taxi
Drive a taxi through zombie infested city, splatter zombies and rescue people.
Dawn of the Sniper Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dawn of the Sniper
Protect humans and shoot zombies with a sniper rifle.
Death Cabin Icon
3 Stars Icon
Death Cabin
Try to defend yourself against hordes of zombies.
Zombie Truck 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Truck 2
Drive a truck through a zombie infested countryside and shoot to kill.
Zombienguins Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombienguins Attack
Drop objects on the zombie penguins and crush them.
Pothead Zombies Icon
0 Stars Icon
Pothead Zombies
Shoot down the approaching pothead zombies from a building top position.
Decision 2 New City Icon
3 Stars Icon
Decision 2 New City
Shoot the approaching zombies to save the city and yourself.
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