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Search Results for zombie
Zombie at the Gates Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie at the Gates
Collect natural resources to help build a flying castle and escape the zombies.
Zombie City Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie City
Play as the last taxi driver in the city and swat zombies with your baseball bat.
Paper Chains Icon
3 Stars Icon
Paper Chains
Cut chains to release and drop bombs on the zombies below.
Graveyard Racer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Graveyard Racer
Drive a truck through a graveyard over the zombies.
Bounzy 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bounzy 2
Shoot all zombies on each level using ricochet shots and physics.
Soldier vs Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soldier vs Zombies
Shoot down the waves of attacking zombies from all directions and collect gold.
Zombotron 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombotron 2
Explore the planet Zombotron as a robot and shoot the attacking zombies.
Zombie Die Hard Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Die Hard
Use tricks and physics to kill all zombies in this puzzle.
Zombie Situation Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Situation
Shoot the flesh eating zombies that have invaded your home.
Marcos Panic Icon
3 Stars Icon
Marcos Panic
Shoot or slash zombies as they attack from your side using different weapons.
Impale 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Impale 2
Launch zombies from a cannon at spikes and impale them.
Ben 10s Zombie Survival Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ben 10s Zombie Survival
Slay all the attacking zombies as Ben 10 and earn weapon upgrades.
Zombies in Central Park Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombies in Central Park
Spot the celebrity zombies gathered in Central Park.
Zombie Diary  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Diary
Go hunting for zombies in the street before they attack you
Zombie Exterminator Level Pack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Exterminator Level Pack
Cut through ropes and ice and drop objects on zombies to exterminate them.
Zombie Shooter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Shooter
Shoot bullets and use ricochet shots to plunk all the zombies on each level.
Zombie Night Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Night
Shoot at the zombies walking out of the mist before they attack you.
Head Splitter 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Head Splitter 2
Slice up zombie heads, match three or play the zombie memory match game.
Night of Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Night of Zombies
Shoot all the incoming zombies and save the planet. Head shots are optimal.
The Last Zombie 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Last Zombie 2
Shoot at the zombies trying to break through the fence using head shots.
Zombogrinder 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombogrinder 2
Drive a car over zombies and collect more fuel, tool kits and money.
Zombies Island 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombies Island 2
Shoot the attacking zombies on an island in this side-scroller game.
ZombieHorde Icon
3 Stars Icon
Attack the living and transform them into zombies to add to your zombie army as the GroundsKeeper.
Bath Salts Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bath Salts Zombies
Shoot at the zombies attacking from all directions using a truck mounted machine gun.
Zombie Week Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Week
Throw grenades and shoot the attacking zombies in the street before they reach you.
BioMetal Icon
3 Stars Icon
Beat up the aliens and zombies using your freaky power.
Super Zombie Hunter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Super Zombie Hunter
Hunt, shoot and kill all zombies and bosses.
Scary Zombie Puzzle Icon
3 Stars Icon
Scary Zombie Puzzle
Shuffle the zombie puzzle pieces and put them back together.
Zombie Rip Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Rip
Explore platforms, shoot zombies and collect skulls to earn points.
I Kill Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
I Kill Zombies
Zombies are walking through the mist, now use your 9mm pistol and shoot them dead.
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