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Browse our Monster Games 2
Red Code 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Red Code 2
Prepare to battle and blast the creepy alien creatures as they approach.
RedEye 1031 Icon
3 Stars Icon
RedEye 1031
Swing an oxygen mask and splatter the blood of evil creatures on a crashing plane to survive.
Rezer 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Rezer 2
Fight an attacking monster using hand knifes, spiked clubs and other deadly weapons.
Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Roly Poly Cannon Bloody Monsters Pack
Shoot a cannon at Roly Poly monsters and use physics and explosions to blow them up.
Sector A Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sector A
Shoot monsters along the platforms and then kill their boss.
Shadow of Mummies  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shadow of Mummies
Explore tombs and shoot at mummies and bats before they devour you.
Soul Reedemer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Soul Reedemer
Let underworld demons feel your warrior wrath and redeem souls.
Sun for the Vampire 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sun for the Vampire 2
Help the vampire scale platforms filled with monsters.
The Abaddon Demon Shooter Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Abaddon Demon Shooter
You have to shoot the Incubi, Bebiliths and Cerberus back to hell and at last kill the Abaddon. Stay alive and have fun.
The Foyle Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Foyle
The Foyle is a spaceship that will save our people from invading monsters. Defend the fort, kill monsters and find survivors.
The Night of Killing Pumpkins Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Night of Killing Pumpkins
Destroy the invading monsters before they get you! The bigger they are, the harder they squash!
The Sun for the Vampire Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Sun for the Vampire
Collect keys and pull levers to enable the vampire to reach the sun.
Theres Too Many Icon
3 Stars Icon
Theres Too Many
Swing a powerful sword and fight the attacking monsters in the dark forest.
Tomb Chess Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tomb Chess
Spooky chess with a twist. Clear the board or graveyard of your opponents pieces (ghouls). The ghouls rise from grave to appear on either side.
Vampire Slay Icon
3 Stars Icon
Vampire Slay
Old school shoot the creepy creatures game. Shoot all the monsters to release the village from the 3 demon curses.
Witch Castle Defence Icon
3 Stars Icon
Witch Castle Defence
Drag enemies off the screen and protect the witch and her castle, using power ups.
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