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Browse our Zombie Games 3
Dying Hope Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dying Hope
Shoot up Santa zombies in the dark using your flashlight and make it a bloody Christmas.
Earn 2 Die 2 Exodus Icon
3 Stars Icon
Earn 2 Die 2 Exodus
Drive an armed buggy through zombie infested streets.
Earn to Die Icon
3 Stars Icon
Earn to Die
Drive over and shoot up the blood thirsty zombies in order to reach the chopper.
Earn to Die Part 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Earn to Die Part 2
Drive a firetruck over obstacles and zombies before you run out of gas.
EEVille Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot the approaching zombies with your pistol or become zombified.
Effing Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Effing Zombies
The zombies come at you fast and from all angles. Shoot fast and shoot often to survive!
Endless Zombie Rampage 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Endless Zombie Rampage 2
Find supplies, find survivors or kill the endless stream of zombies, with the help of blood splattering turrets.
Escape From Zombie Town Icon
3 Stars Icon
Escape From Zombie Town
In this zombie rpg you must esacpe from a town full of zombies.
Explomaniac Icon
3 Stars Icon
Thousands of zombies are waking the city streets. In Explomaniac you use bombs and your gun to eliminate zombie creatures.
Final Siege Icon
3 Stars Icon
Final Siege
Defend the city against zombies by positioning turrets, guards and machine gun towers along the road.
Flaming Zombooka Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flaming Zombooka
Launch missiles at the zombie and knock him dead.
Flaming Zombooka 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flaming Zombooka 2
Shoot all zombies on each level with your bazooka.
Fly Zombie Fly Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fly Zombie Fly
Launch the zombie hanging from the gibbet and make him fly farther.
Fombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
Pets have morphed into zombies and you must shoot them to protect your donut stand.
Forest Officer Zombies Shooting Icon
3 Stars Icon
Forest Officer Zombies Shooting
Shoot the zombies with head shots before they climb over the wall.
Grave Blaster Icon
3 Stars Icon
Grave Blaster
Protect your sphere from zombies, djinns, skeletons and other baddies by shooting at them. You control 3 soldiers, each have 6 different weapons that can be upgraded in many ways. Each soldier has a different role and characteristics.
Graveyard Racer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Graveyard Racer
Drive a truck through a graveyard over the zombies.
Gun Knight Icon
3 Stars Icon
Gun Knight
Protect the princess by shooting down all attacking zombies.
Head Splitter 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Head Splitter 2
Slice up zombie heads, match three or play the zombie memory match game.
Helloweentine Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot and kill the bad zombies, they are good for nothing. Create perfect zombie couples by shooting the good ones in the heart.
Hellvolution Icon
3 Stars Icon
The zombies from 13 days in Hell have come back. Load up on ammo and get to shooting!
Here to Collect Icon
3 Stars Icon
Here to Collect
You are armed to collect money from zombies using your shooting skill.
Highway of the Dead Icon
3 Stars Icon
Highway of the Dead
Drive your car down the highway and splatter zombies to earn cash.
Hugo with AK-47 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Hugo with AK-47
Shoot down the realistic zombies that run towards you with an AK-47.
Hungry Are The Dead Icon
3 Stars Icon
Hungry Are The Dead
Use a laser sighted rifle and shoot the approaching undead.
I Am Legend Icon
3 Stars Icon
I Am Legend
Based on the I Am Legend movie, you must shoot and kill the oncoming dark seekers. Experience the rush of being the last man on earth.
I Kill Zombies Icon
3 Stars Icon
I Kill Zombies
Zombies are walking through the mist, now use your 9mm pistol and shoot them dead.
Im the Man Icon
3 Stars Icon
Im the Man
Shoot at hungry zombies on the run before they catch and eat you.
Impale Icon
3 Stars Icon
Launch zombies from a cannon and impale them on light switches to turn off the lights.
Impale 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Impale 2
Launch zombies from a cannon at spikes and impale them.
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